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Our Story

I have always been interested in the relationships between people and animals and the health benefits of those relationships.  I have had a varied background in working with and caring for both people and animals as both an employee and an entrepreneur.  I have operated a home care service for seniors and people with developmental and physical challenges, owned an all inclusive pet care service, worked in Hospice care as a coordinator/bereavement counselor and as both a veterinary assistant and wildlife rehabilitator. Epona's Whisper is a unique way to bring my skills with animals and people together!


I have wanted donkeys to be a part of my life for as long as I can remember but never really knew why, other than that I was drawn to them and loved them from first introduction.  In late 2018, my dreams were realized when I was able to rescue a pair of female donkeys and have them join my family. After living with Coco and Winnie ("the girls") for a year, it became apparent to me that they were seeking a purpose.  My research taught me that donkeys are exceptional at providing therapeutic benefits to those in need. The girls are very social creatures and have a knack for being sensitive to visitors and their emotional states- therapy seemed like the perfect fit!  This innate ability in the donkeys combined with my personal history as a caregiver seemed like the perfect match, and our therapeutic donkey service was born! 

All equines are extremely sensitive to human emotions. They then mirror back what we are feeling- it's called biofeedback- and donkeys are exceptionally good at it. Donkeys can pick up on the signals given by humans even though we are unaware that we are giving these signals. They can see in our body language and behaviour how we are really feeling. These unique abilities, and Coco and Winnie's personalities, make our miniature donkeys exceptionally well suited to providing therapy.

In early 2020, I established Epona's Whisper Therapeutic Donkeys to provide care and calming walks for those that would benefit from them. Epona was a Celtic Goddess and protector of donkeys, who communicate nose to nose, exchanging breath like a whisper. Epona's Whisper was born.

Donkeys are well known for providing comfort and calming energy to individuals of all ages. They may help those who suffer from anxiety/stress, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), dementia, loneliness and other mental health issues. Donkey therapy is one way to effectively manage the stresses that come with daily living.

Elizabeth Trenholm (Owner of Epona's Whisper) with Coco and Winnie

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