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Coco Chanel

Coco is an eight year old Mediterranean miniature donkey and my first donkey. She was adopted from an equine rescue society. Coco was found living in a field with her mother whom was 43 years old (a ripe old age for a donkey!). Coco is the more extroverted of my donkeys and very sensitive to human emotions.  As the older donkey, she also usually assumes the role of  leader and often teaches Winnie new behaviours. Her vocal range is all about maximum volume- either loud or nothing.  Coco is a dream to walk or spend time with, and she looks forward to going for a walk in the woods with you and perhaps helping you heal what needs healing.



Winnie is a four year old Mediterranean miniature donkey who's favourite foods are carrots and apples. Although, given the opportunity, she will put her nose in the popcorn or potato chip bowl looking for a salt lick!  She has incredible vocal range from loud brays to soulful ballads that sound like a french horn. I found Winnie when looking for a companion for Coco (donkeys cannot be solitary or will get very depressed). She lived with another donkey previously but she and her partner escaped their pen and tragically, her companion was fatally struck by a car. She never bonded to the other animals at that farm so the owner decided to to find her a home with another donkey for her to have companionship. She and Coco have been inseparable since they first met. She looks forward to meeting you!

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